Diggin' deeper : 200 blues treasures / Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, John Lee Williamson, Big Bill Broonzy... [et al.]

Muddy Waters, 1915-1983
Diggin' deeper : 200 blues treasures / Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, John Lee Williamson, Big Bill Broonzy... [et al.]
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Country blues / Muddy Waters. Outside of that / Bessie Smith. Backfence picket blues / Kokomo Arnold. Black gal blues / John Lee Williamson. Mississippi river blues / Big Bill Broonzy. Good morning blues / Leadbelly. Down baby / Lightnin' Hopkins. Mean old Frisco blues / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. When you got a good friend / Robert Johnson. Picking my tomatoes / Brownie McGhee. Candy man blue / Mississippi John Hurt. Good gin blues / Bukka White. Georgia rag / Blind Willie McTell. Jack and Jill blues / Sleepy John Estes. Stormy sea blues / Ma Rainey. Frisco town / Memphis Minnie. Train whistle blues / Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry. Black man blues / John Lee Hooker. Jimmy's stuff / Jimmy Yancey. Sun risin' blues / Joe Turner. L.A. blues / Lightnin' Hopkins. Me and my dog blues / Brownie McGhee. Blessed be the name / Mississippi John Hurt. Rough alley blues / Blind Willie McTell. Fool man blues / Kokomo Arnold. Poor man's friend / Sleepy John Estes. I be's troubled / Muddy Waters. Night time blues / Ma Rainey. Bad lick blues / John Lee Williamson. Shake down blues / Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry. Long tall mama / Big Bill Broonzy. Low down-midnite boogie / John Lee Hooker. The fives / Jimmy Yancey. Bumblee bee / Memphis Minnie. S.K. blues part Nʿ1 / Joe Turner. Shake 'em on down / Bukka White. Stop breaking down blues / Robert Johnson. Raised to my hand / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Packing trunk / Leadbelly. Keeps on a rainin' / Bessie Smith. New York city / Leadbeally. When can I change my clothes ? / Bukka White. Short haired woman / Lightnin' Hopkins. I'm talking about you / Memphis Minnie. Nobody's dirty business / Mississippi John Hurt. Landing blues / John Lee Hooker. Long and tall / Kokomo Arnold. Death valley blues / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Born for bad luck / Brownie McGhee. My black name blues / John Lee Williamson. Burr clover farm blues / Muddy Waters. Hobo jungle blues / Sleepy John Estes. Worrying you off my mind / Big Bill Broonzy. Nobody in mind / Joe Turner. Come on my kitchen / Robert Johnson. La Salle street breakdown / Jimmy Yancey. New love blues / Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry. Down hearted blues / Bessie Smith. Explaining the blues / Ma Rainey. Low rider's blues / Blind Willie McTell. Gonna follow my baby / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Airplane blues / Sleepy John Estes. Army camp harmony blues / Ma Rainey. High fever blues / Bukka White. Roberta, part Nʿ1 / Leadbelly. Sweet woman / Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry. Joe Louis strut / Memphis Minnie. Can't do like you used to / Lightnin' Hopkins. Sally dog / Kokomo Arnold. Painfull blues / Blind Willie McTell. Two o'clock blues / Jimmy Yancey. I believe I'll dust my broom / Robert Johnson. Take a walk with me / Muddy Waters. Louis Collins / Mississippi John Hurt. Rising sun shine on / Big Bill Broonzy. Midnight blues / Bessie Smith. Blues on central avenue / Joe Turner. Stomp boogie / John Lee Hooker. I'm calling Daisy / Brownie McGhee. Stop breaking down / John Lee Williamson. Come home early / Big Bill Broonzy. Mooshine / Memphis Minnie. Who's been fooling you / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Floating bridge / Sleepy John Estes. Sally Mae / John Lee Hooker. Bukka's jitterbug swing / Bukka White. Fort worth and Dallas blues / Leadbelly. Experience blues / Blind Willie McTell. Phonograph blues / Robert Johnson. Ice man / Joe Turner. Cold winter blues / Kokomo Arnold. Countin' the blues / Ma Rainey. Janie's joys / Jimmy Yancey. Baby won't you please come home / Bessie Smith. Burr clover blues / Muddy Waters. Katie may / Lightnin' Hopkins. Step it up and go / Brownie McGhee. Train fare blues / John Lee Williamson. I want some of your pie / Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry. Praying on the old camp ground / Mississippi John Hurt. Little queen of spades / Robert Johnson. District Attorney blues / Bukka White. Low down blues / Blind Willie McTell. Good Jelly / Big Bill Broonzy. Standing at my window / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Cell bound blues / Ma Rainey. TB woman blues / Leadbeally. My baby don't want me no more I'm stranger here My barkin' bulldog blues Lean bacon Aggravatin' papa Spike driver blues Sister Jane cross the hall Cry baby blues / Joe Turner. Henry's swing club / John Lee Hooker. Walking blues / Muddy Waters. I can't stay here in your town / Lightnin' Hopkins. Need more blues / Sleepy John Estes. Check up on my baby blues / John Lee Williamson. Let tell you 'bout my baby / Brownie McGhee. Avalon blues / Mississippi John Hurt Toad frog blues Bye bye baby blues Strange place blues Bull cow blues Hoo doo hoo doo If I get lucky The red cross store blues If you don't I know who will / fBessie Smith. I'm steady rollin' man / Robert Johnson. Alberta / John Lee Hooker. Feel so mad / Lightnin' Hopkins. Fire departement blues / Sleepy John Estes. Big bear train / Jimmy Yancey. Wild water blues / Kokomo Arnold. Rebecca / Joe Turner. Boy friend blues / Memphis Minnie. I can't be satisfied / Muddy Waters. Lonesome day blues / Blind Willie McTell. Ain't no telling / Mississippi John Hurt. New someday baby / Sleepy John Estes. Nothing in rambling / Memphis Minnie. Dead shrimp blues / Robert Johnson. Shake the boogie / John Lee Williamson. Mean and no good woman / Blind Boy Fuller & Sonny Terry. Death letter blues / Leadbeally. Jail house blues / Bessie Smith. Lucille's lament / Jimmy Yancey. West coast blues / Lightnin' Hopkins. I can't be statisfied / Big Bill Broonzy. Prison woman blues / Brownie McGhee. Boogie chillen / John Lee Hooker. Blues in the night / Joe Turner. Black pony blues / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Farewell, daddy blues / Ma Rainey. Mama, let me scoop for you / Blind Willie McTell. Laugh and grin blues / Kokomo Arnold. Sleepy my blues / Bukka White. Gypsy woman / Muddy Waters. Sam Jones blues / Bessie Smith. Back door stranger / Brownie McGhee. War is over / John Lee Hooker. Blues (That mean old twister) / Lightnin' Hopkins. Beezum blues / Jimmy Yancey. Blue harvest blues / Mississippi John Hurt. Me and my chauffeur blues / Memphis Minnie. I feel like going home / Muddy Waters. Liquor store blues / Sleepy John Estes. It's the same old story / Joe Turner. From four 'til late / Robert Johnson. Jealous hearted blues / Ma Rainey. Rollin' mama blues / Blind Willie McTell. Welfare store blues / John Lee Williamson. Pinebluff, Arkansas / Bukka White. Fox chase / Fuller Blind Boy & Sonny Terry. How you want it done / fBig Bill Broonzy. Kind lover blues / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. The bourgeois blues / Leadbeally. Mean old twister / Kokomo Arnold. Better cut that out / John Lee Williamson. Jelly bean blues / Ma Rainey. Little Anna Mea / Muddy Waters. Brownsville blues / Sleepy John Estes. Be good to me / Brownie McGhee. Harmonica and washboard breakdown / Fuller Blind Boy & Sonny Terry. Fixin' to die blues / Bukka White. Big mama jump / Lightnin' Hopkins. Henry's swing club / John Lee Hooker. Red beans and rice / Kokomo Arnold. Searching the desert for the blues / Blind Willie McTell. Ox drivin' blues / Leadbeally. Yancey limited / Jimmy Yancey. Hattie blues / Big Bill Broonzy. Give me a 32-30 / Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup. Got the blues / Mississippi John Hurt. Chewed up grass / Joe Turner. In my girlish days / Memphis Minnie. Malted milk / Robert Johnson. Nobody in town can bake a sweet jelly roll like mine / Bessie Smith
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