Glad rag doll / Diana Krall, chant
1 disque compact + 1 dépliant
Autres interprètes : Jay Bellerose (batterie) ; Dennis Crouch (basse) ; Marc Ribot (guitare, ukulele, basse, banjo, cor, chant) ; Bryan Sutton (guitare) ; Keefus Ciancia (claviers, mellotron) ; Colin Linden (dobro) ; Howard Coward (ukulele, guitare, chant) ; T Bone Burnett (producteur, guitare)
We just couldn't say goodbye ; There ain't so sweet man that's worth the salt of my tears ; Just like a butterfly that's caught in the rain ; You know, I know everything's made for love ; Glad rag doll ; I'm a little mixed up ; Prairie lullaby ; Here lies loves ; I used to love you but it's all over now ; Let it rain ; Lonely avenue ; Wide river to cross ; When the curtain comes down
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