Let it be... naked / The Beatles, groupe voc. et instr.
2 disques compacts (35 min 02 sec, 21 min 56 sec) + 1 brochure (16 p.)
Interprètes : John Lennon, chant, guitare ; Paul McCartney, chant, basse ; Ringo Starr, batterie, chant ; George Harrison, guitare, chant
Additonal disc "Fly on the wal" : a unique insight into The Beatles at work in rehearsal and in the studio during January 1969 compiled and edited by Kevin Howlett
Cd 1 : Get back ; Dig a pony ; For you blue ; The long and winding road ; Two of us ; I've got a feeling ; One after 909 ; don't let me down ; I me mine ; Across the universe ; Let it be. CD 2 : Fly on the wall
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