Travelin' shoes / Golden Gate Quartet, groupe vocal
1 disque compact (62 min 41 sec) + 1 brochure
Notice en anglais / Altman, Billy
Golden Gate gospel train ; Bedside of a neighbor ; Job ; Motherless child ; Travelin' shoes ; Dipsy doodle ; Lead me on and on ; Sampson ; Take your burdens to god ; Bye and bye little children ; God almighty said ; Let that liar alone ; To the rock ; Cheer the weary traveler ; I heard Zion Moan ; Packing up-getting ready to go ; Noah ; Ol' man mose ; Hide me in thy bosom ; If i had my way ; I looked down the road and i wondered ; 'Way down in Egypt land ; I'm a pilgrim ; Stormy weather ; My walking stick
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